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Methods and Techniques for Proving Inequalities In Mathematical Olympiad and Competitions
ISBN 13: 9789814696456
List Price:  RM 59.90
Selling Price:  RM 59.90

Description :

In China, lots of excellent maths students take an active interest in various maths contests and the best six senior high school students will be selected to form the IMO National Team to compete in the International Mathematical Olympiad. In the past ten years China's IMO Team has achieved outstanding results — they won the first place almost every year.


The authors are coaches of China's IMO National Team, whose students have won many gold medals many times in IMO.


This book is part of the Mathematical Olympiad Series which discusses several aspects related to maths contests, such as algebra, number theory, combinatorics, graph theory and geometry. The book explains many basic techniques for proving inequalities such as direct comparison, method of magnifying and reducing, substitution method, construction method, and so on.


Contents: Basic Techniques for Proving Inequalities; Identical Transformation of the Sum; Substitution Method; Proof by Contradiction; Construction Method; Local Inequality; Mathematical Induction and Inequality; Inequality and Extremum for Multi-Variable Function; Special Techniques for Proving Inequalities; Detailed Solutions to Exercises;


Key Features:

  • China has performed outstandingly in IMO and the book gathers from the tutorial experience of many excellent teachers
  • The author is one of the leading experts in aspects of maths contests in China as the coach of China's IMO National Team
  • The Chinese version of the book has been very popular

Senior high school students engaged in math contests, math teachers, undergraduates of math major and math enthusiasts.

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