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Revision Guides

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Revision Guides KS1 for Early Years to Year 2
Revision Guides KS2 for for Years 3-6
Revision Guides KS3 for years 7-9
Revision Guides KS4 for Years 10-11


UBSM International Schools Books

Pre-Loved Textbooks

BBC Earth

BBC Earth Logo.jpgBBC Earth Magazine draws heavily for content from BBC Science Focus, BBC Wildlife and BBC History. It is written by charismatic experts who know hot to lift the lid on their subject and reveal all the underlying wonders of the world, the publication is a captivating proposition for the endlessly curious minds.


News Bites


NEWS BITES newspaper magazine for children & teenagers. 

A newspaper for young readers that Informs, Engages and Inspires Young Minds

Science Adventures

Science Adventures (Primary Science)
Singapore's No.1 Science Comic Book Series published in 3 different levels and specially written for ages 6 to 12.
Age: 3 - 6Age: 7 - 9Age: 10 - 12 

Fiction and Non-Fiction Books


Story Books  
The Kingdom Of Fantasy

Creepelia Von Cacklefur: Ride for Your Life!

Cavemice: The Stone of Fire 

Spacemice: Beware! Space Junk!

Heroes of Olympus #1:Lost Hero

9780141339092.jpg 9780141363967.jpg 9780141385921.jpg9780141358680.jpg 9780141324920.jpg
Artemis Fowl #1

Trial of Apollo: #2Dark Prophecy

 Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children #4:A Map of Days

 Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

  Diary of A Wimpy Kid:The Last Straw

9780241380260.jpg 9780141365374.jpg 5011874015156.jpg5011874014876.jpg 5011874014579.jpg
Unicorn Wishes:Mummy Fairy and Me

 Roald Dahl:Charlie of The Chocolate Factory
  Transformers Stickers & Colouring Time Set

Guess with Jess:Stickers & Colouring Set 

Timmy Time Bumper Stickers & Colouring Set

Lee Su Kim's Books
9789814841429 (Manglish).jpg9789814771788 (Manek).jpg9789814516327 (Kebaya).jpg9789814484176-1 (Sarong).jpg

Manek Mischiefs

Kebaya Tales

Sarong Secrets

Malachi Edwin Vethamani's Books
9789832737506.jpg9789832737513.jpg9789832737568 (Coitus).JPG9832737044.jpg9789838737544 (Life Happens).jpg
A Bibliography of Malaysian Literature in English

Complicated Lives

Coitus Interruptus and Other Stories 

In Sights Malaysian Poems

Life Happens 

9789832737643 (Love and Loss).jpg9789832737537 (Malaysia Poems).jpgThe Hidden Papyrus of Hen-Taui 9789671716601.jpg9789832737650a.jpg 
Love and Loss

Malchin Testament: Malaysian Poems

The Hidden Papyrus of Hen-Taui

The Seven O'Clock Tree

Zunar's Books
Anti Racism Cover1.jpgKetawa Pink Pink, 9789671615607.jpgPirates of The Carry-BN.jpg
 “Kartun Anti Rasicm" (KAR)

 Ketawa Pink Pink

 Pirates of the Carry-BN

Twit Twit Cincin.jpgWasabi, 9789671615645.jpg  
 Twit Twit CinCin

 Wasabi (Wa Sapu Billion)


9789671369715.jpg9789834725136 Kamus Bergambar Generasi Baharu KSSR (BM, BI, B.Cina) 9Ed.jpg9789814893718.jpg9781292331294.jpgThinkToThrive.jpg
Penang Hokkien
- English Dictionary

Kamus Bergambar Generasi Baharu KSSR (BM, BI, B.Cina) 9Ed

Salt & Light

The Leader's Guide to Resilience

Think to Thrive

Towards the Development of a Malaysian Quality Early Childhood Care and Education: Policies, Legislation and Regulations   

Britannica Encyclopedia Print Collection

National Geographic Learning (ELT)

Adults.jpg  Our General English integrated-skills programs for adults and young adults include real-world content, critical thinking, and the language skills needed for success in the classroom, workplace, and life.
Grammar.jpg Our grammar programs use clear explanations, lots of practice, and real-world content to help students write and communicate accurately in English, in academic and every day settings. 

Listening & Speaking.jpg  Our listening and speaking programs use real-world content to develop the English language skills, critical thinking, and learning strategies needed to succeed in academic and every day settings.

Reading.jpg  Our reading programs use real-world content to develop the English language skills, critical thinking, and learning strategies required for academic success.

Writing.jpg Our programs use a process approach to academic sentence, paragraph, and essay writing, supported by clear writing models in different rhetorical styles, Integrated with grammar and vocabulary.

Exam.jpg  Our test preparation materials give learners the language practice and strategies to take major International exams, including TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, and the Cambridge English exams.