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Terms and Conditions

Normal Member Benefit

  • Must present valid and active card as proof of membership
  • 10% for textbooks, general books
  • 15%-20% for specific series of revision guides.
  • Discounts are not valid for books on best buy, or special offer
  • Discounts are NOT APPLICABLE for UBSM eStore purchases.

Teacher Member Benefits
  • Must present valid proof of active teaching profession for Membership Discount.
  • 15% for textbooks, general books 
  • 15%-20% for specific series of revision guides.
  • 5% for stationeries (school bookshops, Jaya Shopping Centre outlet only)
  • 5% for school uniforms (school bookshops only)
  • Discounts are not valid for books on best buy, or special offer 
  • Discounts are NOT APPLICABLE for UBSM eStore purchases.

  • Privileges are NOT VALID for purchase of Uniforms, School Bags, Exercise Books, Nett-price and Promotional Items. 
  • Privileges are VALID only upon presentation of your MEMBER CARD to cashier before payment.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the card cannot be used in conjunction with other cards, NO DISCOUNTED items or during selected promotions.
  • The privileges, Terms and Conditions may be amended or withdrawn without prior notice at the sole discretion of UBSM.  

The UBSM Member Card is intended for individual and/or personal use and is strictly NON-TRANSFERABLE. Members must produce identification as and when required.

Please notify our staff at any of our outlets immediately. A replacement fee of RM10.00 is chargeable.

The UBSM Member Card is issued by and remains the property of University Book Store (M) Sdn Bhd.

University Book Store (M) Sdn Bhd reserves the right, without prior notice, to decline the issue, re-issue, renewal or replacement of a membership card and to suspend or terminate the right to use the card.