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New KS2 Maths Targeted SAT Buster 10-Minute Tests - Advanced
ISBN 13: 9781782946816
List Price:  RM 31.58
Selling Price:  RM 31.58

Description :

For the SATs in 2018 and beyond

This brilliant book is packed with bitesized 10-Minute Tests (including arithmetic tests) for Advanced Level — it covers every topic pupils will need for a top mark in the KS2 Maths SATS! 

The questions in each test are written in the style of the latest SATS, but there are also plenty of fun brainteasers throughout the book to break up the hard work. Complete step-by-step answers and mark schemes are included in a pull-out section, with a progress chart at the back to keep track of how they’re getting on. 

For more help with KS2 Maths, a CGP Advanced Level SATS Revision Book and SATS Question Book are also available. 


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