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KS2 Maths Targeted SATs Revision Book - Advanced Level
ISBN 13: 9781782944188
List Price:  RM 31.58
Selling Price:  RM 31.58

Description :

For the SATS in 2018 and beyond

This new Advanced Level KS2 Maths SATS Revision Book is targeted at pupils who are ‘exceeding’ the Year 6 Maths learning objectives (this means they’ve achieved all these objectives, and possibly some from Year 7 too). It’s perfect for helping them revise all the most difficult topics, without having to go back over material they’ve already mastered!

Everything’s explained with clear, colourful study notes and step-by-step worked examples, and there are practice questions to test their understanding at the end of each section (with answers included). For even more practice, a matching Advanced Level SATS Question Book and Advanced Level SATS 10-Minute Tests are also available.


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