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New Curriculum Practise & Learn: Maths for Ages 6-7
ISBN 13: 9781847627377
List Price:  RM 25.20
Selling Price:  RM 25.20
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Description :

Bursting with colourful, friendly practice, this book is a fantastic way for 6-7 year olds to develop their Maths skills! There’s a wide range of sums and brain-teasing problems, with useful tips at the top of each page to help them get started. Everything’s been updated to match the tough new Primary Curriculum requirements, and the modern Maths techniques they’ll be learning in school.

The answers are all included in an easy-to-use pullout section, along with suggestions for helping children get the most out of the book. It’s brilliant for extra practice outside school, with plenty of fun along the way!


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