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Encyclopedia Britannica World Atlas
Copyright 2007
ISBN 13: 9781593394288
List Price:  RM 414.00
Selling Price:  RM 207.00

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Britannica Print Collection

Description :

Know where you are with Britannica. City Streets. Big Horizons. Track the planet's longest rivers, explore the huge varieties of terrain, gain insight into the Earth's changing climate and learn about the ever fluctuating populations and political boundaries of every region in the world. New for 2008 and created using the latest satellite imaging and laser measurement technology, the "Encyclopaedia Britannica World Atlas" delivers the highest level of clarity, detail and accessibility. With comprehensive content ranging from stunning satellite images of every continent to detailed city plans, this essential resource provides balanced coverage of all world regions and offers confidence in knowledge on a global scale.The introductory section, The World Today, goes beyond mapping with detailed information, maps, tables and graphs on such topics as population, climate change and energy resources.

The atlas: features over 200 pages of up-to-date maps, clearly organised by continent; contains 26 pages of thematics, 32 detailed city plans, easy-to-use index with over 130,000 entries and cross-references to alternative and former names; establishes a confident understanding of geography; and, includes a geographical glossary to enhance comprehension for readers of all ages.


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