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My First Britannica (13 Vol)
Copyright 2003
ISBN 13: 1593390483
List Price:  RM 1146.00
Selling Price:  RM 389.64

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Britannica Print Collection

Description :

This exciting series takes young readers to the farthest reaches of the Solar System, to every corner of the globe, back to the ancient myths of Greece and Rome, and inside the circuitry of the walls in their homes. Organised by themes like space and animals, packed with colour photographs and specially commissioned illustrations, varied in article types from poems to biographies, and written at the appropriate level, this stimulating reference set for ages 6-11 will build the foundation of a lifelong journey of learning. Each volume is geared to school subjects and is presented in a fun and easy way to learn. The volumes are thematically arranged so young readers can reach for the subject they are eager to learn about. An added attraction is volume 13, a complete A-Z Index and Reference Guide, so if they are unsure which volume to use, just look up the topic which will guide them to the right volume. To encourage learning, each article has fascinating Did you know flashes, which give fun facts relating to the topics and Search lights which pose a question on the article being read, to check a child's understanding.

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