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Cambridge IGCSE Malay as a First Language Student's Book
ISBN 13: 9780008311056
List Price:  RM 120.00
Selling Price:  RM 120.00

Description :

Collins Cambridge IGCSE Malay as a First Language is the only published resource to offer full and comprehensive coverage of the new Cambridge IGCSE Malay as a First Language syllabus (0696). With a Student's Book and Teacher's Guide available, the resources support both students and teachers in a clear and engaging way. Aimed at first language Malay learners, the Student's Book is designed to help students develop and apply their language skills.

* Written by experienced Malay first language teachers specifically for international students with careful consideration of learners' needs* Developed and reviewed by Malay first language specialists and experienced teachers* Clear mapping to the syllabus and full syllabus coverage* Integrated exam practice throughout with sample questions, mock exams, learning objectives and learning summaries to reinforce students' understanding Collins is working with Cambridge Assessment International Education towards endorsement of this title to support the full syllabus for first teaching from 2019 and first examination from 2021. * Easy-to-use structure with accessible and consistent signposting within each unit. * Glossary of key terminology included in the back of the book



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