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Salt & Light
ISBN 13: 9789814893718
List Price:  RM 49.90
Selling Price:  RM 44.90

Description :

Stories of encouragement from a Christian perspective

We spend more hours at work than with family and loved ones. But living out our faith at work isn’t always the easiest, most straightforward journey. We often face the challenge of striking a balance between our beliefs and the demands of work.

This compilation from Christian portal Salt & Light shares 35 stories of encouragement and inspiration.
Read about fellow believers in the marketplace and how they managed the challenges of being “in the world but not of the world”.

Draw inspiration from these true accounts so that you, too, may experience personal growth in your relationship with God and in living out His Kingdom calling.

Featuring: Choe Peng Sum, Lucas Chow, Mario Singh, Felicia Chin, Peter Tan, Joseph Tan, Claire Wong, Melissa Kwee, Joscelin Yeo, Dr Leong Hoe Nam, Malcolm Lee, Anita Fam and more...


“As his family business grew, so did the realisation that God’s blessings are not meant for selfish pleasure but as a resource for His Kingdom.”


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