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Compton's Encyclopedia by Britannica 2008
Copyright 2008
ISBN 13: 9781593393847
List Price:  RM 3455.00
Selling Price:  RM 1174.70

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Britannica Print Collection

Description :

Encourage research, fact-finding and discovery with an engaging encyclopedia created especially for students aged 10 to 17. "The 2008 Compton's by Britannica" has been thoroughly reviewed, updated and revised by educators, expert contributors and Britannica editors. Packed with dramatic pictures, detailed diagrams and engaging text, "Compton's" gives young readers the basic facts and entices advanced students to dig deeper for the answers to their more complex questions. Designed to inspire ambition and stimulate the imagination, Compton's is perfect for any family's home library. What's more, the beautiful new set is sure to upgrade your home library bookshelves, with inviting covers and a stunning spine design. Ideal for home, school and library use, "Compton's by Britannica" covers important educational subjects such as maths, science, geography and history and provides students with the accurate information they need for school projects and homework.It is the single source for a wide range of topics across the secondary school curriculum. It helps develop essential research and reference skills. It develops students' confidence in learning.
An ideal resource for completing school and homework projects, it provides answers for curious minds in an easy-to-read style. It features more than 37,000 articles, 23,000 maps, charts, tables, and images. It is a handy guide that organises the information in each volume by subject, article and page number. Interesting questions introduce each volume. Biographies and glossary terms are related to each article. This title features: fact finders - convenient cross reference guides; previews - tables of contents to help readers quickly locate major subdivisions; time lines - outlines that illustrate the broad sweep of events; and, Volume 26 - The Fact Index - a mini-encyclopedia with over 29,800 short articles as well as a standard index.

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