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Essential Accounting for Cambridge IGCSE 2E
ISBN 13: 9781408525548
List Price:  RM 91.90
Selling Price:  RM 91.90

Description :

Essential Accounting for Cambridge IGCSE is a Cambridge-endorsed resource, written to match the latest Cambridge syllabus for Accounting (0452), for examination from 2015. With a strong focus on building knowledge and understanding in all areas of the syllabus, it provides a variety of resources for in-depth subject and syllabus coverage, question practice and revision to help students reach their full potential. The text is written specifically for international students and contains up-to-date case studies and examples sourced from all over the world. Key terms within the text relate directly to the learning objectives and highlight the key information and terms students need to understand. Numeracy skills activities are used to refresh the mathematical skills needed for calculations. Each unit concludes with exam-style practice questions, helping build confidence and ensuring students are well prepared. A free CD-ROM is included with the student book, containing example multiple-choice questions for each unit and a variety of other interactive exam-style practice questions. A new Workbook for Accounting is also available, with additional practice opportunities including example mock papers (full answers provided).

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