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Dwi Emas International School (Aug 2021)

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# Title Price (RM) Qty Total (RM)
Higher Malay Language Sec Jauhari Textbook 4A
Subject: Bahasa
Remarks:   Essential
33.80 0.00
New Syllabus Mathematics Textbook 3
Subject: Math
Remarks:   Essential
94.90 0.00
Complete Physics for Cambridge IGCSE Student Book
Subject: Physics
Remarks:   Essential
141.25 0.00
Cambridge IGCSE Physics Workbook
Subject: Physics
Remarks:   Essential
51.30 0.00
Essential Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE
Subject: Chemistry
Remarks:   Essential
115.90 0.00
Essential Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE Workbook
Subject: Chemistry
Remarks:   Essential
73.75 0.00
IGCSE Biology Student Book
Subject: Biology
Remarks:   Elective (NEW-2021)
96.00 0.00
IGCSE Biology Workbook
Subject: Biology
Remarks:   Elective (NEW-2021)
48.00 0.00
Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Accounting
Subject: Accounting
Remarks:   Elective
102.50 0.00
Complete Economics for Cambridge IGCSE & O-Level
Subject: Economics
Remarks:   Elective
148.80 0.00
Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Additional Mathematics Coursebook
Subject: Add Math
Remarks:   Elective
169.50 0.00
Cambridge IGCSE Enterprise Coursebook
Subject: Enterprise
Remarks:   Elective
180.00 0.00
Chinese Made Easy Textbook 2 (3E)
Subject: Mandarin
Remarks:   Chinese-Beginner (upon teacher's advice)
99.00 0.00
Chinese Made Easy Workbook 2 (3E)
Subject: Mandarin
Remarks:   Chinese-Beginner (upon teacher's advice)
76.00 0.00
Cambridge IGCSE Chinese as a Second Language Coursebook
Subject: Mandarin
Remarks:   Chinese-Intermediate (upon teacher's advice) (NEW-2021)
170.00 0.00
(1359) Dwi Emas Sketch Pad A4
Subject: Exercise Books
Remarks:   Essential - 5
8.40 0.00
(1362) Dwi Emas Single Line Exercise Book A4
Subject: Exercise Books
Remarks:   Essential - 4
4.80 0.00
(1363) Dwi Emas Test Pad A4
Subject: Exercise Books
Remarks:   Essential - 1
5.20 0.00
Document Wallet (with Button)
Subject: Stationeries
Remarks:   Essential - 1 (colour will vary)
2.00 0.00
Casio Scientific Calculator FX570-EX
Subject: Stationery
Remarks:   Optional
79.90 0.00
Subtotal 0 0.00


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*Unless specified, prices listed are for single items.
*Prices and availability of products may change without prior notice.
*For delivery within Malaysia and to Singapore only. For other countries, please email us.