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Pusat Tuisyen Sirius (Jan-Dec 2021)

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Year 7 (Form 1)



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# Title Price (RM) Qty Total (RM)
1 Cambridge Checkpoint English Coursebook 7
Remarks:   Essential
109.00 0.00
2 Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan
Subject: Fiction
Remarks:   Essential - to be purchased only at the end of Term 1
34.95 0.00
3 Nelson Key Geography Foundations
Subject: Geography
Remarks:   Essential
81.90 0.00
4 History in Progress Pupil Book 1
Subject: History
Remarks:   Essential
84.00 0.00
5 Longman Biology 11-14
Subject: Biology
Remarks:   Essential
104.00 0.00
6 Complete Biology for Cambridge Lower Secondary Workbook
Subject: Biology
Remarks:   Essential
33.00 0.00
7 Complete Physics for Cambridge Lower Secondary Student Book
Subject: Physics
Remarks:   Essential
81.00 0.00
8 Complete Physics for Cambridge Lower Secondary Workbook
Subject: Physics
Remarks:   Essential
33.00 0.00
9 Complete Chemistry for Cambridge Lower Secondary Student Book
Subject: Chemistry
Remarks:   Essential
81.00 0.00
10 Complete Chemistry for Cambridge Lower Secondary Workbook
Subject: Chemistry
Remarks:   Essential
33.00 0.00
11 New Syllabus Maths Textbook 1 (7E)
Subject: Maths
Remarks:   Essential
94.90 0.00
12 Higher Malay Language Sec Jauhari Textbook 1A
Subject: Bahasa
Remarks:   Essential
32.85 0.00
13 Sri Emas Sketch Book (SEM101)
Subject: Stationeries
Remarks:   Essential - 6 copies
6.50 0.00
14 Sri Emas Single Line Exercise Book (SEM103)
Subject: Exercise Books
Remarks:   Essential - 4 copies
3.50 0.00
15 Casio Scientific Calculator FX570-EX
Subject: Stationeries
Remarks:   Optional - 1 piece
79.90 0.00
Subtotal 0 0.00



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*Prices and availability of products may change without prior notice
*For Malaysia Delivery only. Please enquire about overseas shipping.