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Science Magazine for Primary Students

We have created to get children INSPIRED.

  • Encourages Innovation
  • Think Creatively and Be Engaged
  • Achieve a Positive Attitude

Learning Science via comics, is FUN!

Science Adventures(SA), is an ongoing series of INSPIRING science themed comic magazines for young students. It promote science and language skills amongst primary school students. The full-colour magazines are designed to stimulate children's interest in science and STEM subjects.

Science Adventures - Integrated Science with Art and Math - Science Adventures focuses on STEAM - a global combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics.

ART has long been recognized as an important part of a well-rounded education. Many studies showed that exposure to the arts can help with academics too. ART also promotes creativity, self-confidence and school pride. We have added arts in SCIENCE ADVENTURES magazine to take children to the World of 'ARTS AROUND the WORLD".

Our Math stories enhance analytical thinking and reasoning. By connecting these 3 subjects. SCIENCE, ART, MATH students find creative confidence and able to voice the their expression.

Children are very curious when they enter Pre school or Primary school and it is the best time to cultivate their interest in science and to find out that Science is fun! Science Adventures uses stories and fun activities to bring basic scientific concepts to students in a lively way that will feed their natural curiosity and develop a love of reading.

A great and easy-to-read magazine, one that young children will enjoy and deserve!

The colourful illustrations and stories are told in language that is exciting and correct, making it appropriate for your children at different levels. It's accurate, useful and conforms to the school syllabus.

  • Better conform with Singapore's Syllabus (Energy, Interaction, Diversity, System and Cycle)
  • Develop childrens' interests in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)
  • Engaging and relevant, current topics
  • Story-telling to illustrate scientific facts and concepts
  • Develop scientific reasoning skills
  • Suitable for reluctant readers, or children with learning disabilities

Science Adventures

Science Adventures BOX SETS available as the following:-
* Each BOX SET consist of 10 Issues (10 Books)

STARTER (Age 3 to 6)

Issues 31 - 50 features 3 Levels
Level 1 (Age 6 - 8, Primary 1-2)
Level 2 (Age 9 - 10, Primary 3 - 4)
Level 3 (Age 11 - 12, Primary 5 - 6)

Issues 51 onwards features 2 Levels:
Connect (Age 6 - 9, Primary 1 - 3)
Digest (Age 10 - 12, Primary 4 - 6)

Starter3.gifPre School (Age 3-6)
A series of 10 books

SAMPLE pages
Lower Primary (Age 7-9)
  • Global Education (STEM - Science, Teachnology, Engineering, Maths)
  • Diversity and Classification (Living & Non-living things)
  • Life Cycles (Animals & Plants) 
  • Magnets (Magnetic & Non-magnetic Materials, Properties, Uses & Applications)
  • Parts and Functions of Systems (Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, Skeletal, Plants)
  • Matter (Atoms & Molecules, States of Matter)
  • Cells (Parts & Functions, Specialisation of Cells)
  • Energy (Light, Colours, Sound, Heat & Electricity)
  • Systems (Habitats, Adaptation & Food Chains)
  • Latest Technologies
and many more...

Digest.gifUpper Primary (Age 9-12)
  • General Science 
  • Cells - Animal and Plant (structures, Examination with microscopes)
  • Electrical Systems and Circuits (open & closed, Conductors, Insulators)
  • Air and Living Things (composition of air, comparison of Human & Animal Systems)
  • Forces (Types, Effects, Springs & Friction)
  • Environments and Habitats (features, differences, observation, description & survival)
  •  Environment Interactions (global warming, food chains, population, survival organisms)
  • Adaptation (physical factors, obtaining food, reproduction)
  • Water Cycles (change of State, Effect of Impurities, Conservation)
  • Reproduction and Heredity (Human Reproductive System, Family Trees, Plant Reproduction, Seed Dispersal)
  • Latest Technologies
and many more...
SAMPLE pages