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Early Childhood Care & Education Quality Book Series

Towards2.jpgTowards the Development of Malaysian Quality Early Childhood Care and Education 
This book presents an overview on the policies, legislation and regulations related to quality ECCE in Malaysia. The research reports presented relevant findings from various stakeholders and critically discussed pertinent issues and challenges in relation to the quality of ECCE services in Malaysia.

Readers are encouraged to spend time reflecting on the key message in each chapter and to start engaging meaningful conversations with each others about how their experiences resonate with the views shared by various stakeholders in this book.

Quick Guide to Early Childhood Care and Education Policies in Malaysia
Written in a clear and concise manner, this book provides a summary of salient details in ECCE policy information that is crucial to all ECCE stakeholders. The policies were categorised into seven key components for quality ECCE, namely the guiding policies, registrations, building approval and safety, curriculum the rights of the child, health and safely, and the assessment of quality standards.
Quality2.jpgQuality Early Childhood Care and Education: A Resource Pack
This resource pack consist of eight modules which aims to provide an overview and further insights into the key components of quality ECCE in Malaysia. there are carefully selected local case studies to give readers more contextualised scenarios and practical ideas in relation to each component of ECCE. Readers can read and engage in reflection based on the case studies given and carry out the suggested activities and reflections, individually and in groups. The resources in this book are ideal for early childhood teacher training programmes, materials for in-house training workshops and professional development programmes.