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ELI-Graded-Readers-Logo.jpgAn efficient and engaging way to learn English! ELI offers three distinct series of graded readers, aimed at different age groups and covering CEFR levels A1 to B1. All the books include activities based on the 4 skills as well as special pages for follow up with 'beyond the text' insights.

A great collection of illustrated graded readers, award-winning at an international level for quality and didactic value.

A wide variety of titles to choose from, covering all interests and language levels, to encourage reading for pleasure in English!

  • ELI Graded Readers feature original stories, non-fiction titles and timeless classics and are organised into three series accordingly to age-range and language level: Young Readers, Teenagers Readers, Young Adult Readers.
  • The books are divided into arrange of levels, in line with international guidelines such as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and according to the number of headwords presented.
  • Full narration of the texts by native speakers available in MP3 format or as audio CDs.

Language Levels

CEFR1.gifThe ELI Readers are organised according to the age of the readers and their language level, are in line with the indications set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Language and include useful language certification exercises.

StageHeadwords Common European Framework Cambridge English 
First Readers
Young Readers
Stage 1 (100 headwords)below A1  
Stage 2(200 headwords)A1 Starters/Movers 
Stage 3 (300 headwords)  A1.1 Movers
Stage 4 (400 headwords) A2  Flyers
 Teenagers Readers
Stage 1
(600 headwords)  A1 Elementary - Movers
Stage 2(800 headwords)  A2 Pre-Intermediate - Flyers/Key (KET)  
Stage 3(1000 headwords)  B1Intermediate -  Preliminary (PET) 
 Young Adult Readers
Stage 1
(600 headwords)A1Elementary 
Stage 2(800 headwords) A2Pre-Intermediate - Key (KET) 
Stage 3 (1000 headwords) B1  Intermediate -Preliminary (PET)
Stage 4(1800 headwords) B2Upper-Intermediate - First (FCE) 
Stage 5(2500 headwords) C1 Advanced (CAE)
Stage 6Unabridged TextsC2Proficiency (CPE) 

  BeginnerElementary IntermediateUpper-IntermediateAdvancedProficient
 Common European FrameworkA1A2B1 B2 C1C2
Cambridge English YLE Starters - Movers KEYYLE Flyers KEY Preliminary BECFirst BECCAE
                                                                                    Young Readers                                                                                          
  Stage 1                           
 Stage 2                               
 Stage 3                                                        
 Stage 4                             
                                                                                  Teenagers Readers                                                                                    
Stage 1                                
Stage 2                              
Stage 3                                    
                                                                               Young Adult Readers                                                                                    
Stage 1                                
Stage 2                              
Stage 3                                    
Stage 4                                     
Stage 5                        
Stage 6                             


The ELI Readers are divided into three series: Young Readers, Teen Readers, Young Adult Readers. They offer a wide variety of activities, according to the age and their language level pf the readers, following the Common European Framework of Reference for Language indications.

ELI Young Readers

  • Five pages of exercises for revision at the end of each book.
  • An illustrated dictionary, on the inside of the cover, keeps the vocabulary the student needs within sight at all times.
  • Fun cut-out bookmarks personalise each book.

ELI Teenagers and Young Adult Readers

  • The text is divided into chapters and is equipped with an on-page glossary where necessary.
  • The Before You Read Activities section contains pre-reading activities.
  • The After-Reading Activities section, at the end of each chapter, eases memorisation and comprehension and rounds off with one or more Pre-Reading Activities to pre-teach the vocabulary and structures in the subsequent chapter.
  • Useful dossiers focusing on culture and the author are supplied in the classics series.
  • The Test Yourself section offers activities which take into account the whole story.
  • Syllabus

Language Skills

Reading, speaking, writing and listening skills are fully practised and developed through exercises specifically designed for each skill. The text, either whole or partial, is narrated by native speakers on an Audio CD.

The Design

Some of today's most interesting illustrators have been chosen to illustrate each of the titles in the series with a visual 'commentary' designed to aid comprehension and draw the student into the stories.

The clear and captivating design of these elegant books not only simplifies the task of understanding the text but also makes them a pleasure to hold and read.

Extra Activities Online

To get the most out of each reader, you can find extra activities for each title on ELI website.
• Extra activities for students (activities, fact-files, exam preparation exercises, etc)
• Extra activities fro teachers (activities, fact-files, exam preparation exercises, assessment exercise etc)


The Extensive Reading Foundation is an International organization whose purpose is to support and promote extensive reading.

ERF's Language Learner Literature Award for graded readers in English aims to support the development of language learner literature in English and to encourage extensive reading in language education.

An International jury selects the finalist (shortlisted) books from among those nominated by all ELT international publishers. The books are selected for their outstanding overall quality and likely enduring appeal. Final choices are made by an international jury.

One Foundation initiative is the annual Language Learner Literature Award for the best new works in English. Through the Language Learner Literature Awards, the Extensive Reading Foundation has, since 2004, recognized the best graded readers of the previous year, with awards for each language level, voted online by students and teachers from all over the world.