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Essentials of Business Law (E-Book)
6 Edition
ISBN 13: 9781292165370
List Price:  RM 132.30
Selling Price:  RM 132.30

Description :

“Essentials of Business Law is well regarded for its clear yet succinct exposition of core principles and key cases across the essential legal topics relevant to business students. This new edition has been significantly updated and deals fully and comprehensively with the Consumer Rights Act 2015.



Key features of this edition:

  • study skills section at the start of the book provides guidance on how to effectively apply practical legal knowledge in exams and coursework.
  • Full-colour diagrams and flowcharts aid comprehension of legal structures and processes.
  • Case summaries highlight the key cases and legal principles you need to learn.
  • 'Essential points' at the end of each chapter help you identify and focus on key information.
  • Practice questions and tasks allow you to test your knowledge and practice what you've learned.
  • glossary of legal terms clarifies the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases. 


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