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MC Maths Pupil’s eBook 3
ISBN 13: 9789813166196
List Price:  RM 45.00
Selling Price:  RM 42.45

Description :

MC Cambridge Primary Maths Pupil’s eBook 3

Primary 3 (Age 9)

12 Months Subscription


MC eBooks are embedded with digital learning resources such as videos, audio, images, weblinks and quizzes to enrich the learning experience. The digital learning resources are developed to:

  • Engage students through interactive learning resources
  • Promote both collaborative and self-directed learning
  • Allow students to assess their learning progress independently
  • Enable research and learning anytime, anywhere


Marshall Cavendish Cambridge Primary Maths is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education. It uses a rigorous approach that has been tried and tested over many years in Singapore and has proven effective in helping pupils master mathematics.

Besides integrating problem solving at the heart of learning and using approaches such as the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach, heuristics, bar modelling and metacognition, pupils learn new concepts in a highly scaffolded manner and build a strong foundation through spiral progression.


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