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Kartun Anti Racism (KAR)
ISBN 13: 9789671762509
List Price:  RM 30.00
Selling Price:  RM 30.00
Sample pages:

Description :

KAR is Zunar’s second book since the beginning of the Malaysia Baharu era after the publication of my biography “Fight Through Cartoons” in May 2019.

“Kartun Anti Rasicm" (KAR) contains 48 cartoon illustrations with the harmony and anti-racial discrimination theme. It is part of my "Nation Rebuilding" mission.

This book is published in the midst of raging fires of racism and prejudice, stoked daily by certain groups and political parties. It is made worse when some of the leaders of the ruling government are doing nothing to stop it. Some even encourage these negative politics.

Through my cartoons, I would like to remind the readers that racism degrades the mind. And if we don't tackle it quickly, it will be a massive obstacle in building a nation.

My cartoons come with a message that Islam prohibits racism. God made humans into different races, colour, and creed, not for us to hate each other, but to learn to respect each other.

To be born as a certain race is not our choice, but it's God's decision. Therefore we do not have the right to be racist.

The cartoons in KAR also expose how racial polarization causes social injustices.

Discrimination is still rampant. All Malaysian citizens should enjoy the same rights, regardless of race or religion. The cartoons express my belief that our education system is one of the reasons why our country is becoming more and more racist. As a solution, we need to reform our education system into a system based on meritocracy and free of racism.

Fixing racism is a critical job that requires the involvement of all – the government and the citizens.

As a cartoonist, it is my responsibility to rectify this situation as much as I can, through this book.

This book “Kartun Anti Rasicm.” is published in two languages – Bahasa Melayu with English translations.

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