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KS2 Maths Targeted Study Book - Year 6+, Challenging Maths for Year 6 Pupils
ISBN 13: 9781782945819
List Price:  RM 31.58
Selling Price:  RM 31.58
Sample pages:

Description :

This extra-challenging Targeted Study Book is perfect for helping Year 6 pupils develop their mastery and understanding of Maths! It covers every Year 6 Learning Objective in more depth, with tougher examples and different approaches for each topic. 

Everything’s explained with clear study notes and worked examples, and there are practice questions at the end of each section to test their understanding. We’ve also included enrichment activities and investigations throughout to encourage them to think about the material independently. 

For more practice at this level of difficulty, a Year 6 Plus Targeted Question Book is also available.

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