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IGCSE Mathematics
ISBN 13: 9781444123159
List Price:  RM 75.00
Selling Price:  RM 75.00

Description :

 This second edition, written especially to support the University of Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE Mathematics (0580) syllabus, is now in full colour and includes a student's CD. The text is ideal for students following the Extended Curriculum. International contexts are used throughout to aid understanding and ensure this text is relevant to students everywhere.


Contents: Introduction Number Essential revision 1 Number, set notation and language 2 Limits of accuracy 3 Ratio, proportion and measures of rate 4 Percentages Algebra 5 Graphs in practical situations 6 Algebraic representation and manipulation 7 Equations and inequalities 8 Straight-line graphs 9 Functions 10 Graphs of functions 11 Indices 12 Linear programming Shape and space Loci 13 Geometrical relationships 14 Angle properties 15 Trigonometry 16 Mensuration 17 Vectors 18 Matrices 19 Symmetry 20 Transformations Statistics and probability 21 Handling data ICT section 22 Probability Solutions

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