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KS2 Maths Question Book - Year 4
ISBN 13: 9781847622129
List Price:  RM 23.70
Selling Price:  RM 23.70
Sample pages:

Description :

Bursting with test-style practice questions for Year 4 Maths, this smashing book is fully up-to-date for the new curriculum for 2014 and beyond! There’s a section of questions for each topic, with space on each page for children to write their answers and any working out, plus mark-scheme boxes in the margin so that you can keep track of their progress (answers are included at the back). 

The book also contains two Objectives Tests — one at the start of the book that recaps the Year 3 skills, and one at the end that covers a mixture of topics from Year 4. Matching study notes are available in our Year 4 Targeted Study Book.


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