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AL D&T for Edexcel: Product Design: Graphic Products
ISBN 13: 9780435757793
List Price:  RM 225.50
Selling Price:  RM 225.50

Description :

Written and produced by an expert team to support the new Edexcel Graphic Products specification for 2008. The engaging full-colour Student Book is matched to the new Edexcel A Level Product Design course requirements, so you can be confident that it will provide all students need to develop the skills and understanding to succeed at AS and A2 Level. Written by experienced examiners and teachers to support the new Edexcel specification.

Additional exam tips, practice questions and sample answers with comments will give students the confidence to tackle all the questions that come up in the exam. Now in full colour to bring the subject to life and help make explanations of key concepts clearer.

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