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The pickup point at our UBSM Section 14, PJ is currently unavailable,
as we are in the midst of preparing to move to Jaya Shopping Centre (estimated to be ready by mid-Jan).
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 for the conference has been closed because we have reached the maximum number of registrations for the event.

Thank you for your interest! 

Seats are limited. Registration is on a first come first served basis. Limit to 3 pax maximum per school.

Reservations may be made via online but will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment. Full payment must be made before event commencement.

Registration will be closed once the maximum number of participants is reached.

All prices are inclusive of 6% GST.

Register HERE or scan the QR code for registration.

For enquiry, please email to or contact us at tel: +603 9100 1868   fax: +603 9102 4730