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KS2 Maths Targeted SATs Question Book - Advanced Level
ISBN 13: 9781782944201
List Price:  RM 31.58
Selling Price:  RM 31.58
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Description :

For the SATS in 2018 and beyond

This Advanced Level KS2 Maths SATS Question Book is targeted at pupils who are ‘exceeding’ the Year 6 Maths learning objectives (this means they’ve achieved all these objectives, and possibly some from Year 7 too). It’s perfect for helping them practise all the most difficult skills, without having to go back over material they’ve already mastered! 

For every topic, there’s a wide range of realistic SATS-style practice questions, with detailed answers and mark schemes included at the back of the book. Matching study notes are available in our Advanced Level SATS Revision Book and for even more practice, there's an Advanced Level SATS 10-Minute Tests book too.


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