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Edexcel A2 Economics, Unit 4: The Global Economy
ISBN 13: 9781444147919
List Price:  RM 69.90
Selling Price:  RM 69.90

Description :

Perfect for revision, these guides explain the unit requirements, summarise the content and include specimen questions with graded answers. Each full-colour New Edition Student Unit Guide provides ideal preparation for your unit exam: - Feel confident you understand the unit: each guide comprehensively covers the unit content and includes topic summaries, knowledge check questions and a reference index- Get to grips with the exam requirements: the specific skills on which you will be tested are explored and explained- Analyse exam-style questions: graded student responses will help you focus on areas where you can improve your exam technique and performance CONTENTS: Content Guidance -Macroeconomic objectives and policy - Public finance - Globalisation - The balance of payments and exchange rates - International competitiveness - Poverty and inequality - Limits to growth and development - Strategies to promote growth and development Essay Questions Q1: Investment by transnational companies Q2: Britain's trade in goods Data-response questions Q3: The economy of Nigeria Q4: The vulnerability of sterling

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