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The pickup point at our UBSM Section 14, PJ is currently unavailable,
as we are in the midst of preparing to move to Jaya Shopping Centre (estimated to be ready by mid-Jan).

Utama Schools - Johor Bahru


Self-collection points : Please select from an option below. An sms will be sent to you when the books are ready for collection. Please check UBSM centers' working hours at Store Locations.
(a) UBSM at Cheras, KL (tel:03 9100 1868)
(b) UBSM at Jaya Shopping Centre, PJ (tel:03 7932 0033)
(c) UBSM at Jaya One, PJ (tel: 03 7931 2426)
(d) SSU-JB (limited time only)

Self-collection points (SSU-JB): 
Purchases made by Dec 15 2018 are available for self-collection at the school. The school will inform the parents when the items are ready for collection. There will be no delivery  charges for this self-collection option. 

Delivery of purchases : Please key in your address clearly, with postcode. Deliveries to postboxes are not allowed, as we are using courier services. 

 : All purchases are non-returnable and non-exchangeable. 

Enquiries : Please direct enquiries to Nora,, 03-9100 1868.

*Book cover may differ from image shown.
*Prices and availability of products may change without prior notice